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  • Tek Self-Drilling Screws

    Teks screws provide secure fastening to metal with strong holding power, without the need to pre-drill. High performance cutting tips are designed to quickly penetrate the metal surface for easy installation. Self-tapping threads ensure strong holding power, in either sheet metal or steel beams. There are even Teks screws for wood-to-metal applicaitons.
    Standard grade Teks screws are ideal for attaching HVAC, electrical work, metal framing, and general light to medium applications. The TRAXX grades are designed for heavier applications, and are available in Stainless Steel and Hardened Steel.
    There are also several types that include neoprene washers, to seal the drill site against rain or other water.
    Please answer the following questions to find the exact Teks screw that you need.

  • Lag Screw, Hex Head

    Manufactured to be extremely sturdy, lag screws are some of the toughest fasteners. They are used to attach objects to wood and anchor masonry. Common applications include retaining walls, deck frames, and wooden beam outdoor play equipment. For masonry application, use the screw in conjunction with a lag shield. Lag screws have coarse threads designed for pre-drilled holes to prevent splitting or snapping, and require minimal clearance above the fastener. The hexagonal drive allows for simple installation and controlled traction with a socket or wrench.

    For corrosion resistance, lag screws are available as Zinc plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG), and Stainless Steel.

  • T-Nuts

    T-nuts are barrel shaped fasteners with internal threading, and are used to provide an anchor point for a bolt in a piece of wood, whether a flat board or a dimensional piece. They are especially useful when a flush surface is wanted. T-nuts have a flat base with prongs bent up at 90° angles, parallel to the barrel. After pre-drilling a hole, the t-nut can be fixed in place either by tightening a bolt into it from the top, which pulls the prongs into the wood, or using hammer to pound the locking prongs into the wood until flush.

  • Sidewalk Bolt, Stainless Steel

    Also known as shutter screws, the ultra-wide truss head distributes the load over a large area for excellent holding pressure when placing plywood, metal, and fabric hurricane panels or removable track. Made of 18-8 stainless steel, these screws are chemical resistant and may be mildly magnetic.

  • PAM #8 X 2-1/2″ Roof Tile Screws

    Stainless steel tile roofing screws for use with the PAM auto-feed screw system. These screws are #8 x 2-1/2″ and used for attaching roof tile to wood. The type 17 point improves penetration of tile.
    Meets Miami-Dade County, FL Protocol PA 114-95, Appendix E, Section 2 (ASTM G85). Box of 1,000 screws.

  • Carriage Bolts

    Carriage bolts have a smooth rounded head with a square neck underneath that locks into wood to prevent spinning when tightened. Use with a pre-drilled hole and secure with a hex nut and washer. They are great fasteners for decks, play equipment, docks, fencing, and furniture.
    The unique design is great for connections where the head is not accessible for tightening. The self-locking square neck and coarse threads fasten very securely.
    All carriage bolts we stock have coarse threading as a standard.

  • All Thread, Threaded Rod

    Threaded rod has continuous threading, either on both ends or it may extend along the complete length of the rod. It has no head or fashioned tip. Threaded rod can be used as an anchor bolt, clamp, hanger or U-bolt.
    Threaded rod is available in carbon steel, as Plain, Zinc Plated and HDG, as well as Stainless Steel and the B7/A193 alloy.

  • Lock Washers

  • Flat Washers, USS & SAE

  • Teardrop Hanger, Stainless Steel

    Teardrop hangers are designed to anchor stationary, non-insulated pipes to overhead structure. The knurled insert nut attaches to threaded rod that is installed as needed, and allows the teardrop hanger to swivel to any direction to hold the pipe. The nut is retained by the teardrop hanger when opened during installation, and also allows for minor height adjustment.
    This piece is made from stainless steel for excellent rust protection.

  • Strut, 1-5/8″, 10′, 14GA Stainless Steel

    Strut channel, often referred to as Unistrut, is used for light structural support, often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.
    This piece is regular size at 1-5/8″ deep, with slots on 2″ centers, and is made from 14 gauge stainless steel for great rust protection.

  • Strut, 13/16″, 10′, 14GA Stainless Steel