Drywall Screws


    Drywall screws fasten sheets of drywall (also called sheetrock or plasterboard) to the wall or ceiling support studs. Drywall screws with coarse threads are used to to attach to wood framing. Screws with fine threading are used for metal studs. Also, self-drilling versions are available for attaching to thicker metal support.
    Most drywall screws have a tapered bugle head to penetrate the drywall without damaging the outer layer of paper. Trim head screws are used to attach trim pieces over the drywall, and have a very small head that disappears into the surface for easy finishing. K-lath screws have a large wafer head to easily attach wire mesh, or lath, to the frame studs to support plaster. Their low profile heads are easily covered over by the finished surface of tile, stone, brick, stucco, etc.