Specialty Power Tools

  • Ramset Viper 4

    Ramset Viper 4


    The industries most preferred overhead fastening tool. Its small compact design allows the contractor to reach up into very tight spaces.

  • Ramset TrakFast Tool

    Ramset TrakFast Tool


    Since its introduction in 1991, TrakFast has been the tool of choice for both interior and exterior contractors. The TrakFast Automatic Fastening System fastens all types of track, from standard track to hat channel, deep leg, Z, and J channel.

  • Ramset T3SS Gas Tool

    Ramset T3SS Gas Tool

    The most versatile gas tool in the industry. Users can change out the nose piece to accommodate a variety of fasteners and assemblies. The T3SS provides the benefits of shooting a gas tool with reduced installation time and operator fatigue.

  • Ramset Cobra Powder Actuated Fastener for Wood Framing

    Ramset Cobra

    The Ramset Cobra+ 0.27 Caliber Semi-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool can tackle professional remodeling projects, such as attaching wood to concrete or steel. It lets you set the load strength to match the job. The adjustable power level increases speed and efficiency and reduces power up to two levels. The silencer feature reduces actuation noise, and the ergonomic grip provides comfort for long jobs.

  • EXACT 360E Pipe Cut Saw 3-14″ Capability

    EXACT 360E Pipe Cut Saw 3-14″ Capability

    The Exact pipe cutting system improves pipe cutting beyond comparison. Not only do Exact pipe cutters complete the work in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods, but the quality of the finished cut is so clean and straight that normally no extra shaping or reworking is required. The pipe cutters are light and easily carried, enabling the work to be performed wherever it is needed.

  • Euroboor ECO.55-TA Mag Drill

    Euroboor ECO.55-TA Mag Drill

    The Euroboor ECO.55-TA magnetic core drilling machine drills holes with the highest efficiency thanks to its highly intelligent electronics, stable construction and automatic drilling functionality with automatic return for annular cutters. The ECO.55-TA drilling machine is also suitable for tapping up to 13/16″. The machine’s digital display shows the ideal working load and the Smart Restart technology prevents excessive tool wear and failure.

  • Euroboor ECO-50S Magnetic Drill Press w/Integrated Oil System

    Euroboor ECO-50S Magnetic Drill Press w/Integrated Oil System

    Euroboor ECO.50S
    Magnetic drilling machine
    Ø 12 – 50 mm / 11,2 kg

    The Euroboor ECO.50S magnetic core drilling machine converts maximum power through its two speed oil lubricated gearbox. This improves motor efficiency and lifetime of key components. This portable industrial magnetic core drilling machine has an integrated slide which ensures stable support, faster drilling times and more accurate hole sizing.

  • Euroboor ECO32-T Mag Drill for Tapping

    Euroboor ECO32-T Mag Drill for Tapping

    Need to drill and tap a 1/2″ hole at 42ft high? The ECO.32-T was designed to complete your tailor-made work. At all altitudes. Improved operation and ergonomics will keep you mobile, which is perfect for construction work on site or at the workshop.

  • Euroboor ECO32 Mag Drill

    Euroboor ECO32 Mag Drill

    Euroboor ECO.32
    Magnetic drilling machine
    Ø 12 – 32 mm / 12 kg
    The compact Euroboor ECO.32 magnetic core drilling machine has a powerful single speed 1000 W (9.1 A) motor. This portable magnetic core drilling machine is suitable for the use with Weldon twist drills up to 13 mm (1/2″) and countersinks up to 40 mm (1 9/16″). This light and reliable machine is a true addition for every workplace.

  • PipeCut 360E

    The largest single-speed universal pipe saw in the Exact line. It can be used for cutting both steel and plastic pipes. The PipeCut 360 heavy duty design and construction plus the capacity to cut large diameter pipes make it the ideal all-around pipe cutting tool.