Bolt Anchors

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    Original Wej-It® Wedge Anchors

    The Wej-It original Wedge Anchors are time tested with proven reliabilty and has been an industry standard for over 60 years.

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    Ankr-TITE® CCAT Cracked Concrete Wedge Anchors

    The CCAT Cracked Concrete Wedge Anchors are engineered to provide superior performance in cracked concrete in both seismic and wind load conditions.

  • POWER-Skru Bolt AnchorsPOWER-Skru Bolt Anchors

    POWER-Skru Bolt Anchors


    The POWER-Skru Bolt Anchor is a high-strength screw anchorwith self-taping threads that offer a unique undercutting design for anchoring into concrete and masonry. No secondary setting is needed. The POWER-Skru Bolt Anchor provides high-strength performance with low installation torque. A heavy-duty mechanically-galvanized finish is available to enhance corrosion resistance.

    Can be used with almost any material, including:

    • Racking
    • Railing Sill
    • Stadium Seating
    • Tilt up Braces
    • Formwork
    • Anchoring Equipment