Caulk Guns & Caulk

  • OSI HM270 Silicone Sealant

    Temperature extremes are no match for HM270 — an acetoxy silicone that withstands harsh conditions from -76°F to 350°F without missing a beat. Designed for use on non-porous materials, its application possibilities include a variety of tough challenges: ceiling skylights, solar panels, duct work, aluminum siding, recreational vehicles and more. With 25% joint movement, it’s also permanently flexible.

  • DAP 100% Silicone Rubber Caulk, Clear

    DAP® 100% SILICONE RUBBER WINDOW, DOOR & SIDING SEALANT is a durable, 100% waterproof and weatherproof sealant for sealing out drafts, water and moisture around windows, doors, siding, gutters, flashing, pipes, vents and more. It stays flexible to withstand expansion and contraction without cracking or losing adhesion. Cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant. Interior/exterior use.

  • OSI Quad Max Sealant

    When durability matters, QUAD® MAX delivers. This next generation sealant takes toughness to the next level, with a superior combination of adhesion and flexibility for a long-lasting finish. It also takes the guesswork out of color matching with over 300 colors that directly match more than 9,200 finishes offered from leading window, door and siding manufacturers. QUAD MAX’s clear option is a non-cloudy formulation that, unlike traditional silicones and hybrids, remains transparent and resists yellowing from UV exposure.

  • Grabber Acoustical Sound & Smoke Sealant

    Grabber Acoustical Sound & Smoke Sealant GSCSF is a non-flammable, water-based product developed specifically for the reduction of sound and smoke transmission in all types of wall partition systems. Easy application and easy cleanup. Used correctly and as directed, sealant will achieve and maintain specific STC (Sound Transmission Class) values specified for various wall system designs. This product should be used in office buildings, sound studios, hospitals, schools, hotels and motels, apartment complexes, and other areas where sound smoke ratings are required. This sealant is also ideal for sealing out air infiltration and unwanted moisture in residential construction.

  • Loctite PL Premium Max Construction Adhesive

    Loctite® PL PREMIUM MAX is our strongest, most durable construction adhesive that remains 100% solid after curing. Thanks to the unique high solid content adhesive technology, this product is ideal for most interior or exterior projects where long-term strength and durability are a must. It can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and in both cold (down to 10° F) and hot (120° F) temperatures. Great for framing, flooring, stairs, railings, most landscaping and deck projects; and other construction or remodeling projects.

  • 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant

    3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 is a one-part polyurethane that chemically reacts with moisture to deliver strong, flexible bonds. It resists saltwater, and has excellent adhesion to wood, metal, gelcoat, and fiberglass.

    Marine Adhesive Sealant forms a watertight, weather-resistant seal on joints and boat hardware, above and below the waterline. This makes it ideal for deck housings, hull fittings, porthole mounting, fiberglass transoms, and underside molding. In addition, its flexibility allows for dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking.

  • Closed Cell Backer Rod

    Backer rod is a cylindrical piece of foam material installed in a gap or joint between building materials to provide a substrate for caulk or other building sealant. The backer rod ensures that the sealant maintains a proper “hour glass” shape after application, and prevents three-sided adhesion, which is important for the sealant’s ability to maintain its bond while remaining flexible.

    For gaps that are 3/16″ -1/4″, use a 3/8″ backer rod.
    For gaps that are 1/4″ – 3/8″, use a 1/2″ backer rod.

  • OSI SF450 Construction Adhesive Caulk

    With OSI SF450, cold weather won’t slow you down. This professional latex sealant is weather resistant and designed to bond to wet, frozen and treated lumber, making it ideal for subfloor installation. It guns easily from 20ºF to 120ºF and has a strong adhesion to most building materials. It is not recommended for use on OSB type subfloor materials. It’s also great for bridging minor framing gaps. Not for exterior use when rain is expected.

  • Latex Based Acrylic Caulk

    Loctite Polyseamseal Acrylic Caulk with Silicone combines a high-quality acrylic caulk with silicone for added durability and adhesive properties. Its unique fast-set formulation is paintable in just 30 minutes, which means you can complete projects quickly. It has very low VOC and solvent odor, so it is perfect for indoor projects. The caulk contains an uncured, water-based adhesive that is easy to clean up with nothing more than water, so it eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

    Loctite Polyseamseal Acrylic Caulk is available in a 10 oz. tube in either Clear or White.

  • General Purpose White Latex Caulk

    DAP RELY-ON® White Latex caulk is an economical general-purpose caulking compound for interior and exterior use. It adheres well to wood, metal and masonry, and other common construction materials to keep out air, dust and moisture. RELY-ON® is paintable with latex and oil-based paint. It has a 7 years durability guarantee.

  • Albion Special Deluxe Bulk Caulk Gun, 24 Oz

    The Albion Special Deluxe 24 Oz. Bulk Caulk Gun will make any caulking job easier. With its high quality material and precision crafted design and manufacture, this caulk gun will serve well for years.
    And with double the thrust of a standard caulk gun, this system is great for extremely think material.

  • Albion Deluxe Bulk Caulk Gun, 20 Oz.

    The Albion Deluxe Bulk Caulk Gun will make any caulking job easier. With its high quality material and precision crafted design and manufacture, this caulk gun will serve well for years.