Drop-in Anchors

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    Wej-It Ultra-Drop™ Drop-In Anchors

    The Ultra-Drop Drop In Anchor that requires relatively shallow embedment.  It also eliminates the requirement for rod couplings in overhead applications.

    The setting tool is used to expand the Drop-In anchors after they are placed in the drilled hole.

  • POWER-DROP Drop-In AnchorsPOWER-DROP Drop-In Anchors

    POWER-DROP Drop-In Anchors

    usaPOWER-Drop anchors are internally threaded anchors that provide wedge anchor performance with the convenience of a drop-in anchor. The safety shoulder supports the clip when the anchor is under strain to eliminate bolt-end collapse and/or clip slippage under ultimate loading conditions. The POWER-Drop is seismic rated: allowable values may be increased 33.3% for short-term loading in resisting earthquake or wind loads. Numerous head style and size options are available: they may be used with machine screws, tamper-proof bolts, threaded rod and a variety of other male-threaded fasteners

    Can be used with almost any material, including:

    • Normal Weight Concrete
    • Lightweight Concrete
    • Solid Masonry