Training & Education

Our Training & Education Services

We offer many classes and training options that can keep you safe and in compliance. We are trained and certified in mechanical anchors, epoxy anchors, fire stopping products, rivets, pipe hangers, diamond products, Shots & Pins (Powder Actuated Tools), and more.

Our Features

Safety Classes

Whether it’s in-house or on-site, we provide safety meetings for you and your staff to meet OSHA requirements.

PAT Licensing

To assure safety on the job site and to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements we offer both in-house and on-site PAT licensing.

Continuing Education

We offer continuing education solutions for our staff and customers in industry, products, and technical knowledge.

Fire Stopping & Pre-Inspection

We offer training both on-site and in-house with a simplified U/L system selection for ease of installation and reduction in labor costs.