Exact Pipe Cutting Tools

  • EXACT 360E Pipe Cut Saw 3-14″ Capability

    EXACT 360E Pipe Cut Saw 3-14″ Capability

    The Exact pipe cutting system improves pipe cutting beyond comparison. Not only do Exact pipe cutters complete the work in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods, but the quality of the finished cut is so clean and straight that normally no extra shaping or reworking is required. The pipe cutters are light and easily carried, enabling the work to be performed wherever it is needed.

  • PipeCut 360E

    The largest single-speed universal pipe saw in the Exact line. It can be used for cutting both steel and plastic pipes. The PipeCut 360 heavy duty design and construction plus the capacity to cut large diameter pipes make it the ideal all-around pipe cutting tool.