Product Tag - Insulation

  • Fire Safing Insulation Deck Plugs 4.5″ to 3.5″ Taper, X 48″L

    Fire Safing Deck Plugs are precision-cut from noncombustible UL classified high-density mineral wool panels. They are precision sized to fit into the fluted profile of metal decks encountered at top-of-wall joints.

  • Fire Safing 4″ X 24″ X 48″ , 4 Panels

    Mineral Wool Fire Safing is designed to provide enhanced fire protection in perimeter fire containment systems, floor and wall penetrations, construction joints, and other firestopping applications.  It is non-combustible, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive, non-deteriorating, mildew-resistant and vermin-resistant.  Mineral Wool FireStop Safing is primarily used as a backing material for firestop caulks and sealants.

  • Handi Foam, 24 Oz.

    Handi-Foam® P30115 Gun Foam Sealant is designed to seal and fill small cracks, gaps, and voids. The P30115 Handi-Foam® Gun Sealant is ideal for projects that require you to apply the sealant from day to day.
    Handi-Foam® Sealants cure when ambient moisture/humidity in the air reacts with the foam sealant creating a rigid, closed cell barrier against draft, noise, moisture and air infiltration. Handi-Foam® Sealants are tack free within 10 minutes and meet ASTM E-84 Class 1 for caulk and sealants.

  • Touch ‘n Seal, 24 Oz.

    A fast and easy, high-yield means to seal cracks and gaps.  Patented all-direction dispensing easily maneuvers tight spots.  Reusable dispensing means you can restart the can later.

  • Powers Foam, 12 Oz.

    PowerFoam is a single component, moisture curing expanding polyurethane foam. The adhesive strength of PowerFoam allows it to be set on various types of building elements including concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum and steel.
    PowerFoam has a R-5 equivalent value when used in place of traditional insulation methods.