SpecSeal Collar for Plastic Pipes

SpecSeal Collar for Plastic Pipes

SpecSeal SSC Firestop Collars are factory-manufactured firestop devices sized to plastic pipes of up to 6 in. Trade Size. SSC Collars consist of a restraining collar with a factory applied intumescent ensuring the correct amount of material is applied every time. Under fire exposure, SSC Collars quickly expand and collapse combustible piping forming a dense char, resisting the passage of smoke and flame.

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1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″

The SpecSeal® Series SSC Collar is a factory-manufactured device designed to protect plastic pipes penetrating fire-rated walls and floors. Utilizing a heavy gauge galvanized metal collar to house a molded intumescent insert, the SpecSeal® Series SSC Firestop Collar is specifically sized to fit 1-1/2 in (38 mm), 2 in (51 mm), 3 in (76 mm), and 4 in (102 mm) trade sized pipes. When exposed to temperatures in excess of 320°F (160°C), the SpecSeal® Series SSC Collar’s molded insert begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char. Its free expansion ranges from 32x to 64x original (pre-expanded) volume. Expansion continues up to 1,000°F (538°C). 

SpecSeal® Series SSC Collars are used to protect a variety of plastic pipes including PVC, PVC Foam Core (ccPVC), CPVC, RNC, PP, FRPP, FRP, HDPE, PE, PVDF, ABS, ABS Foam Core (ccABS) and XFR 15-50 PVC in both vented (DWV) and closed (electrical conduit and water supply) installations. SpecSeal® Series SCC Collars are suitable for use in all common constructions including 

  • Rapid expansion - closes off burning pipes quickly
  • Small profile - use it in all the tight spots
  • Flexible & durable - no loose flakes (eye hazards)
  • Water resistant - no water soluble or hygroscopic ingredients
  • Economical - lower installed cost
  • High volume char - expands up to 60 times