SpecSeal LCI300 Sealant

SpecSeal® LCI Sealant is a versatile and economical intumescent sealant that has excellent caulking properties as well as high build properties on vertical or overhead surfaces. This single component sealant may be caulked (standard cartridge or bulk loaded), knifed or troweled. In addition, SpecSeal® LCI Sealant does not contain PCB’s or asbestos.
SpecSeal® LCI Sealant is storage stable (when stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations), and will not separate or shrink when dried (when applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations). SpecSeal® LCI Sealant will adhere to all common construction and penetrant materials and contains no solvents that might adversely effect plastic pipes or cable jackets. 

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10.1 Oz, 5 Gallon, 20 Oz

SpecSeal® LCI Sealant has a broad application base designed to seal a wide variety of common penetrations and construction joints. Penetrant types include: Metallic penetrants (steel, iron, copper pipe, copper tubing, steel conduit and EMT) up to 36 in (914 mm) trade size; Non-metallic penetrants (Conduits & Tubing including PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PEX); Insulated pipes including heating, cooling, and condensation applications; Common electrical service and power distribution (service entrance, cable trays, busways), telephone, data, and TV cabling; Structural Steel and Metal Ductwork including HVAC, bath and dryer vents. This product is also used in conjunction with other SpecSeal® Products such as SpecSeal® Firestop Collars and Wrap Strips to protect larger plastic pipes.

  • Economical: high performance without the high price
  • Highly intumescent: expands up to 10 times
  • Excellent smoke seal
  • Water resistant: will not re-emulsify when dry
  • Water-based for easy installation, cleanup, and disposal
  • Acoustically tested: reduces noise transmission
  • Safe, low VOC's, no asbestos, no PCB's, no inorganic fibers
  • Paintable when dry
  • Auto bonding
  • Non-halogenated
  • High solids formula - minimal shrinkage