Product Tag - Zirconia

  • Flap Disk, High Density Zirconia, Type 27

    CGW Flap discs blend and finish in one operation which replaces the traditional two-step grinding process of T27 grinding wheels and sanding discs. Flap discs provide a more consistent finish. CGW flap discs reduce processing time which increases productivity for lower parts finishing costs and provides an overall cost savings. CGW flap discs are engineered for full use of the coated abrasive material. Layering the abrasive cloth flaps allows the discs to wear evenly which constantly exposes new sharp grain.
    The High Density Zirconia Flap Disk is for use on stainless steel, sheet metal, tool steels, heat-treated steels, and for the grinding & finishing of welds. For aggressive use on heavy duty applications.
    CGW’S new ceramic flap disc is the best choice for grinding stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and other hard metals. Using CGW’s ceramic flap disc will give a “cool grinding surface” since the grain has a self sharpening formula.