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  • Makita ½” 4-Speed Impact Wrench w/Detent, 18V LXT

    Makita’s 18V LXT® Brushless 4-Speed ½” Sq. Drive Impact Wrench w/ Detent Anvil (XWT15Z), provides improved fastening control, ideal for automotive, installation, and fabrication trades. The impact wrench combines extended run time and speed control for unmatched fastening performance. It is powered by a Makita-built brushless motor for longer run time, and which delivers 240 ft.lbs. of Max Torque and 430 ft.lbs. of Nut-Busting Torque.

    Precise fastening control is achieved through the 4-speed power selection switch, which accounts for a wide range of applications. Three forward and three reverse rotation auto-stop modes offer increased efficiency when fastener is adequately loosened. The full-speed mode function reduces the trigger pull to reach full speed.

  • Makita 1/2″ Ergonomic Right Angle Drill, 18V LXT

    The Makita 18V LXT® Brushless ½” Right Angle Drill (XAD05Z) offers freedom from the cord, with superior cordless drilling speed. The ergonomically designed top handle with rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort on the job. The XAD05Z will take on the most demanding applications like drilling up to 5” holes with hole saws and 2-9/16” holes with self-feed bits.

    The XAD05 has a long list of features for drilling with superior speed and efficiency. These include metal gear housing for durability, an electric brake for maximum productivity, and dual L.E.D. lights to illuminate the work area. The brushless motor and two-speed transmission deliver no-load speeds of 0-450 RPM and 0-1,400 RPM. Users also benefit with long run time: the XAD05 will deliver up to 105 1-1/2″ holes per charge in 2x SPF lumber using one 18V LXT 5.0Ah Battery and a self-feed bit.


  • Makita 21 Quart Cooler/Warmer w/USB, 18V LXT

    The Makita CW180 is a cordless cooler & warmer box. For maximum convenience, it can be powered by 3 power source options: 18V LXT Li-Ion battery (two in parallel or one), 12V/24V DC (cigar socket) or standard 120V AC supply.

    5 Cooling Modes (0,15,30,40,50 °F)
    2 Warming Modes (130, 140 °F)

    Run Time 2x 6.0Ah
    5 hours at 0° F (-18 °C )
    17 hours at 40° F (5 °C )
    4 hours at 140° F (60 °C )

  • Makita Self-Leveling Cross-Line/4-Point Red Beam Laser, 12V CXT LXT

    Lasers are typically utilized in the early stages of construction, and measurement needs will vary based on application requirements. The Makita 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion Self-Leveling Cross-Line/4-Point Red Beam Laser (SK106DNAX) gives the user a cordless solution for selectable horizontal/vertical cross reference lines plus 4-point required for level, align, plumb, and square applications. Depending on ambient light in the working environment, the SK106DNAX has a line visibility range up to 82′ and is detectable up to 262’ with a Makita Laser Detector.
    For users in the 18V LXT® battery platform, the SK106DNAX has a power connector port that allows an 18V LXT® battery to be used with the Power Source Adapter (ADP05) and Adapter Cord (adapter and cord sold separately).

  • Makita Earth Auger Kit, 18V X2 (36V) LXT

    With zero emissions, lower noise, and considerably less maintenance, the 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Cordless Earth Auger Kit (XGD01PT) is a welcome solution for landscapers. The Makita-built brushless motor delivers power equivalent to a 36cc gas earth auger. The XGD01PT can drill holes up to 8” wide and 41” deep. The extension bar, auger bit and blades are sold separately. There are 2 speed options (0-350 RPM, 0-1,400 RPM) to manage power and run time. A reverse switch clears the earth auger bit from high-resistance soil.

    The XGD01PT earth auger provides high-performance digging with even and consistent holes. It is ideal for post-hole digging, fence installation, large planting jobs, soil sampling, and construction projects.

  • Makita ConnectX 1200Wh Portable Backpack Power Supply

    The ConnectX™ Portable Backpack Power Supply (PDC1200A01) is a high-capacity backpack that delivers 1200 watt hours of output. It provides longer run time to last an entire workday. Actual run times vary by product, application, and workday amount. It works with 36V (18V X2) LXT (adapter included) and 40V max XGT (adapter sold separately) systems.

    It is durably constructed, IPX4-rated for weather resistance. The battery box can be detached from the harness and to be used a stationary power supply. It features a flat base, allowing the product to stand upright. There is an integrated carrying handle for convenience.

  • Makita Drywall Screwdriver, 18V LXT

    The 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall Screwdriver Kit (model XSF03T) breaks new ground for drywall contractors. It is ideal for hanging sheetrock, metal framing, installing subfloors, backer board, and decking applications.It’s powered by a Makita BL™ Brushless Motor for longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. With the exclusive Push Drive™ Technology, the 18V Drywall Screwdriver can be set on lock-on mode so the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged. This gives contractors a quieter work environment, and also saves on battery power. It’s built for added durability with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™), which is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh job site conditions. The 18V LXT® 5.0 Ah battery provides 65% more run time per charge than the 3.0Ah battery (BL1830), yet it charges in only 45 minutes – the fastest charge-time in the category – for less downtime and increased productivity. For added convenience, the battery features an integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator.

  • Makita Trimmer / Blower Combo Kit, 18V XLT

    With zero emissions and lower noise, the 18V LXT® Brushless Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit is a welcome solution for clean-up applications. It’s powered by one 18V LXT 4.0Ah Battery, the same battery that powers the full range of solutions in the expanding LXT System.

    The combo kit includes a blower (XBU03Z) and trimmer (XRU23Z). This blower delivers speeds up to 116 MPH air velocity and a full 459 CFM of air volume. It features a compact and ergonomic design, variable speed trigger, and cruise control lever provides management of power and run time. The string trimmer delivers up to 6,000 RPM and features a variable speed trigger and rapid-load bump-and-feed trimmer head which loads line in seconds with 3 easy steps.

    The outdoor power equipment features Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™). XPT™ is a protective seal inside the tool and is engineered for improved operation in harsh conditions by channeling water and dust from key internal components.

  • Makita 8-PC Combo Kit, 3.0AH, 18V LXT

    This MAKXT801X1 combo kit includes 8 Makita® 18V LXT® Cordless Products:
    The Compact ½” Driver-Drill (XFD10Z) delivers power and performance that delivers 480 in.lbs. of Max Torque, and 25% more speed than the previous model.
    The Impact Driver (XDT11Z) delivers power and speed in a compact size for a full range of driving and fastening tasks.
    The 6-1/2” Circular Saw (XSS02Z) with a high-torque motor produces 3,700 RPM for faster cutting.
    The Compact Recipro Saw (XRJ01Z) is a versatile cutting solution that combines variable speed and 1/2” stroke length with an exclusive dual-position on/off switch that allows for either paddle or trigger switch operation.
    The 5″ Random Orbit Sander (XOB01Z) features three speed settings, superior ergonomics and up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge. The large 1/8” random orbit action is engineered for efficient sanding, fast material removal, and a swirl-free finish.
    The Sub-Compact Brushless 3/8” Square Drive Impact Wrench (XWT12ZB) is ideal for working in tight spaces and for overhead applications. It has variable two-speed with 0-1,300/0-2,400 RPM and 0-2,000/0-3,600 IPM and up to 130 ft.lbs. of Max Torque.
    The Blower (DUB182Z) is a go-to clean-up tool and a favorite on job sites and in workshops.
    The LED Flashlight (DML815) provides high illumination at 160 lumens.
    Rounding out this kit is the DC18RC Rapid Optimum Charger, 2 3.0Ah 18V LXT® batteries, and a tool bag to carry it all.

  • Makita 5″ Wet/Dry Masonry Saw, 18V LXT

    The 18V LXT® Brushless 5” Dry/Wet Masonry Saw (XCC01Z) is a powerful cordless wet saw for demanding applications, such as cutting tile, masonry, concrete, and more. The motor delivers 8,800 RPM. With the included 5″ Diamond Blade, it has a high depth of cut capacity of up to 1-9/16” at 90-degrees. The XCC01Z attaches to an optional guide rail with a guide rail adapter (both sold separately), in order to provide straight, accurate cutting.

    The saw includes an integrated water delivery system with water flow adjustment, which continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 Compliance in masonry cutting applications. For dry cutting, the saw is equipped with Auto-start Wireless System (AWS®), which utilizes Bluetooth® technology for wireless power-on/off communication between the tool and an AWS-equipped dust extractor.

  • Makita 5.0AH Battery + Rapid Charger, 18V LXT

    Build your own Makita tool kit with the 18V Lithium-Ion Battery and Rapid Optimum Charger Starter Pack. Makita offers over 250 cordless tools that utilize 18V lithium-ion batteries, most available as “bare tools” (tool only, no batteries or charger included). Pick up the Makita® Battery and Rapid Optimum Charger Starter Pack, then purchase the 18V “bare tools” you need to get the job done. It’s an ideal way to start building a Makita® LXT Cordless System.

    Makita® 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries resist self-discharge, so they’re ready for use even after long periods of storage. The Makita® Rapid Optimum Charger is a smart-charging system that communicates with the battery during the charging process to monitor current, voltage and temperature. This advanced charging technology helps optimize battery life and deliver a faster charge. In addition, the Charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery for faster and more efficient charging, even in hot weather conditions.

  • Makita Grease Gun, 18V LXT

    The 18V LXT Grease Gun, Tool Only (XPG01Z) is an ideal cordless solution for the workshop or garage. The powerful Makita-built motor delvers up to 10,000 PSI of max pressure. With a maximum flow rate of 10 oz. per minute, users can work faster. There are two speed modes, low and auto-speed, that are adjusted by a variable speed trigger. A lock-on button provides convenience during longer work periods.