Product Tag - Lubrication

  • Makita Grease Gun, 18V LXT

    The 18V LXT Grease Gun, Tool Only (XPG01Z) is an ideal cordless solution for the workshop or garage. The powerful Makita-built motor delvers up to 10,000 PSI of max pressure. With a maximum flow rate of 10 oz. per minute, users can work faster. There are two speed modes, low and auto-speed, that are adjusted by a variable speed trigger. A lock-on button provides convenience during longer work periods.

  • Mag-Bit 2 Oz. Cutting Fluid, Concentrated

    For use with many Mag-Bit cutting bits and blades. 
    Highly concentrated. Recommended Dilution of 20:1 for all tasks.
    2 oz bottle makes 1.56 gallons of cutting fluid.
    Excellent rust control on all metals; No in-process rust or rework.
    Low foaming, low misting, water soluble.
    Non-nitrited, non-halogenated, non-silicones or silicate, non-phenolic.
    Rated insignificant under NFPA hazard rating for both fire and health.

  • Makita Hammer Bit Grease, 100ml

    Makita Hammer Bit Grease is designed to keep the shank of the bit lubricated for more efficient results. The advanced composition of the grease means the user needs only to lightly grease the shank. The pump top design makes it easy for the user to apply the exact amount they need to the exact spot without making a mess.