Product Tag - Lubricant

  • Makita Bar Chain Oil

    Makita, a leader in outdoor power equipment, offers a range of tools and accessories to keep your OPE running strong. For top cutting performance, Makita Bar Chain Oil reduces heat and friction for efficient cutting and longer bar and chain life. The replaceable screw-top and spout design makes pouring and storage a snap.

  • Euroboor Cutting Oils

    Our Euroboor IBO.10 is a general cutting oil with premium cooling and lubrication features, suitable for mild steel. This cutting oil contributes to a high cutting power and tool preservation, and improved processing times.
    Euroboor MV.4 is a lubricating and cooling concentrate suitable for all metals. This water-soluble concentrate is particularly suitable for automatic dosing systems.

  • Silicone Lubricant Spray, 16 Oz.

    This industrial grade silicone forms a clear, thin, non-sticky, water repellent lubricating film. Once dry, the film provides significant resistance to temperature extremes and oxidation. It keeps moving parts operating
    smoothly. Performs well in moist and harsh environments. 
    Applications: May be used on wood, metal, and rubber.
    Not for use on painted surfaces or as a cleaner. 

  • PB Blaster, 16 Oz.

    BEST SELLER – The #1-selling penetrant since 1957! The PB B’laster outperforms leading competitors with its high-performance formula.
    EFFECTIVE – PB B’laster quickly busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused by rust and corrosion. Attack rust from all angles using the unique capillary action.

  • Free All Deep Penetrating Oil, 11 Oz.

    Free All Deep Penetrating Oil by Gasoila Chemicals actually has a rust eating agent in the formula that not only penetrates rust but helps to loosen and dissolve it away. This penetrating oil will help to free up all threaded pipe connections, rusted machine screws, rusted bolts, rusted or frozen nuts, automotive clamps, pillow blocks, universal joints, locks, and more.
    With Free All, the user will be able to use less force to loosen those rusted, frozen parts. Thus, creating less of a chance of breaking those parts.

  • 3-In-One Household Oil

    An essential household tool since 1894, 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil is a versatile formula that cleans off grime, lubricates moving parts, penetrates rust, and protects tools and equipment.
    Its easy-to-use drip spout allows for quick and precise application with no overspray or splatter, making this multi-purpose oil a go-to solution for professional tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers alike.
    3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil has a fill level indicator strip so it’s easy to know when you're running low, and comes in easy-squeeze bottles for versatility. Use this long-lasting multi-purpose oil on hinges, nuts and bolts, bicycles, wheels—nearly everything with moving parts.

  • Anti-Seize Lubricant

    A highly refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants. Use during assembly to prevent galling, corrosion and seizing due to weathering or chemicals. Anti-Seize assures easier disassembly. 

  • Cutting Oil, 16 Oz.

    A light-colored, petroleum-based, heavy duty oil for machining, cutting and grinding of hard ferrous or non-ferrous metals. This cutting oil is transparent on the surface. It can be used as a general recirculating fluid where misting can be controlled.

    Application: This cutting oil is designed for applications requiring cooling and lubricating at the point of work. Used for sawing and drilling metal. Excellent for difficult operations (grinding and deep drawing and forming). Use on pipe threaders, gear cutters, grinders, drill presses, automatic screw machines and turret lathes.

    –Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.–

  • Power Lube w/Tteflon, 16 Oz.

    An industrial strength dry PTFE lubricant that is ideal whenever silicone products are not accessible, and higher temperatures or pressure performance is required.

    Applications:  rubber, wood, metals, glass; any situation where reduced friction and drag is desired.  
    –Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.–

  • Dry Moly Lubricant, 16 Oz.

    Uses molybdenum disulfide to form a dry, thin, black film imparting anti-friction and anti-seize properties for long-lasting lubrication protection in the most extreme conditions.

    Application: Use where a dirt and grime resistant lubricant is needed. This would include grinding mills, mechanical presses, ovens, bearings, gears, chains, hoists, cables, chutes, gaskets, and machine tool slides.

    –Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.–

  • Air Tool Lubricant, 32 Oz.

    Air Tool Lubricant is a unique formula that was developed for the working professional who demands top performance. It combats rust and varnish and coats the working parts with a cushion of waterproof lubricants that resist blowout. 

  • Dry Graphite Lubricant

    Designed for engine or mechanical parts prior to their assembly. Made of natural colloidal graphite and is an ideal lubricant when petroleum products must be avoided.

    Applications: automotive and industrial gaskets, conveyors, bearings, sliding windows and doors, locks, springs, chains, and pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts. 
    — Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.–