We Support Science and History Education

We Support Science and History Education

Thread Source is proud to help support science and history education with the LearnMore App – an educational app for students and learners everywhere. With your help we can make sure the LearnMore App and posters reach the widest possible audience of learners helping to promote science and history education around the world.

The LearnMore™ App can be used on both phones and tablets, allowing users to interact with our printed posters and discover a whole world of hidden knowledge on the screen of their devices. By simply pointing a smart phone or tablet toward these interactive posters, they can watch images on our posters ‘come to life’ with interactive elements, 3d animations, educational videos – even virtual reality.

Each of the six interactive posters that work with the LearnMore™ App takes a scientific topic, relates it to an invention and inventor, and provides an unforgettable historical and scientific interactive experience. Users can learn more about Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, the inner-workings of a Model T Ford, the basics of human anatomy, the Wright Brothers historic airplane, the fundamentals of the Constitution, and even the magical symmetry of the solar system!

The future of the LearnMore™ App project depends on the generosity of donors. Please join in the effort to lead next generation of knowledge! The LearnMore team will not stop with just these six posters. Once this set is launched, they will work on six more – and six more after that – and six more after that. This commitment to furthering education through technology is the highest priority!

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