Black Book Series

Black Book Series

Thread Source Inc. is proud to promote our newest product offering: The Black Book Series – which will promote productivity in the workplace.
This is a great source to find useful, comprehensive and applicable information to answer engineering and fastener specific questions. Tradesmen and professionals in machining, engineering, and design positions regularly require reference materials to answer questions and solve problems. Technical college students, trainees and apprentices also need training and reference materials to assist in their studies.

fastener-black-book-1The Fastener Black Book

The Fastener Black Book has been compiled as a means of consolidating the abundance of information on standard fasteners available today and presents it in a very convenient and user-friendly format.
245 pages

electrical-black-book-1The Electrical Black Book

The Electrical Black Book, newest in the Series, focusing on all things electrical. Pictorial representation and/or electrical circuits are included in the book wherever possible.
225 pages

Our Training & Education Services

Thread Source Inc. has a long standing commitment to advancing education in our industry. We have a number of education solutions for our staff and customers focused on the industry, products, and technical knowledge. We also offer many classes and training options that can keep you safe and in compliance. We are trained and certified in mechanical anchors, epoxy anchors, fire stopping products, rivets, pipe hangers, diamond products, Shots & Pins (Powder Actuated Tools), and more.

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