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Fall Protection

With new OSHA Standards concerning fall protection and tool lanyards set to arrive in 2017 now is the time to be considering new safety lanyards.
A falling tool can be as dangerous as a falling worker. Tethered tools save life, limb, and the need for the liberal use of curse words.  In a world where a drop can kill, and the heartbreaking hassle of fetching a broken tool from 100-ft. below is a real possibility, you now have the means to fly higher without having to tell everyone else to look out below.
The Ergodyne squid line is dedicated to all objects at height. For the construction industry, this means not only protecting the operator and bystanders from an falling object incident, but also PREVENTING it from happening.
According to the US bureau of statistics, 243 deaths in the construction industry were caused by falling objects in 2014. (roughly 5%)
Why use a squid lanyard when a piece of rope could work?
  • The answer to that is DROP FORCE.
  • A 5lb tool dropped 5 feet can create up to 200lbs of downward force when using homemade tool lanyards. (ENOUGH TO THROW EVEN THE STRONGEST GUYS OFF BALANCE WHEN USING A LADDER)
The answer to drop force is Ergodyne’s polyester web design and array of strong, yet lightweight attachments that provide 10 times less drop force. Now the operator only has to contend with 20lbs of drop force vs. 200lbs in that example.
  • In addition to reducing drop force, because Ergodyne uses polyester webbing and lightweight attachments, the overall carry weight of the tool is not increased by much, thus making it easier to climb ladders and less fatigue overall.
The squid lanyard can be used on virtually any tool or accessory used in the construction market to date. This list includes: drills, grinders, pipe wrenches, box wrenches, spud wrenches, screw drivers, ratchets, hard hats, etc.
The squid lanyard can attach by shrink wrap, adhesive tape, shackles, carabineers, or a trapping case that can either combine with a standard, shock absorbing lanyard, a wrist strap or a self retracting lanyard.[
This is your chance to be on the leading edge of overhead safety!


Pipe Cutting Systems

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