Product Tag - Weld Stud

  • Weld Stud Ferrule, Ceramic

    Ceramic ferrules are an essential part of the standard drawn arc stud welding process. They are designed to encircle the weld stud to protect the weld arc and limit it to a specific area of the base material. They also contain the molten weld metal and act as a mold to give a uniform shape to this metal, also called the weld flash. The term, weld flash, is used to distinguish the weld metal at the base of a stud from the weld by other arc welding processes, which is called weld fillet

  • Weld Stud Shear Connector

    Weld Stud Shear Connectors are unthreaded with an upset head. They are designed to interconnect the concrete slab to the load bearing steel beams. Because of the inter connection, construction resists shear loading between the concrete and steel beams. Weld Stud Shear Connectors meet with AWS and all other applicable specifications, and are used in all types of concrete connections.