Product Tag - Washers

  • Square Plate Washer

    Square plate washers are made from low carbon steel and have a larger surface area than round washers. Since they develop more friction when tightened against wood, they are often found in timber construction.
    Often, square plate washers are used to attach treated lumber sill plates to concrete foundations. Another common use is using square plate washers to attach wood beams to the walls of a garage, and them mount the garage door rails and equipment.

  • Aluminum Key Hole Washer

    Aluminum key-hole washers are commonly used with combo truss machine screws and sidewalk bolts. They are used as an additional backing plate when storm panels keyways do not line up correctly. They are also often used to provide additional backing when sidewalk bolts have been changed out to truss head screws. They can be placed on after panels are installed.