Product Tag - Sprayer

  • Preval 6 Oz. Glass Jar

    Our 6oz. Glass Reservoir for the Preval Sprayer is shatter resistant, easy to clean, reusable, recyclable and virtually indestructible. 
    Designed to withstand the impact of an 8 ft. drop, the reservoir also safely stores volatile liquids such as varnishes, oils and paints without risk of leaching. 
    Perfect for storage, this jar includes a polypropylene safety cap.

  • Peval Power Unit

    Unlike most other aerosol paints, each Preval Power Unit uses just 1.97oz. of eco-friendly propellant to spray up to 16oz. of liquid. What's more, each versatile Preval unit can be used with different formulas for different projects.  Ideal for in-the field touch-ups, every Preval Power Unit secures to a recyclable glass bottle and atomizes virtually any color-matched paint, formula or solution with consistent results.

  • Preval Sprayer Unit

    The Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is good for countless applications. It’s disposable, recyclable, easy to clean, and, best of all, no compressor is needed.  The Preval Sprayer’s patented venturri vacuum process pulls liquid from any compatible, removable, and refillable container and delivers a professional-grade spray stream to virtually any surface.  It’s amazing.