Product Tag - Shackle

  • Screw Pin Chain Shackle Drop Forged, HDG

    Also commonly called a D-shackle due to its “D” shape, screw pin chain shackles are intended for use in straight line pulls or lifts only. Side and racking loads run the risk of twisting or bending a chain shackle.

    These galvanized chain shackles are excellent for use with single leg web lifting slings such as nylon slings and polyester slings. When paired with chain, they provide a connecting link to connect to other hardware. It’s important to note that they should be used only with single leg slings, as slings with multiple legs could cause side loading conditions. The zinc oxide coating provides protection against typical corrosion and rust.

  • 1/4″ Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, HDG

    Screw Pin Anchor/Chain Shackles allow quick and easy removal of the screw pin and can be useful in applications where the shackle is frequently removed, but not so much in applications where the pin is subject to torque or twisting.