Product Tag - Set Screws

  • Cylindrical Head Socket Cap Screw

    Socket cap screws have a small cylindrical head with tall vertical sides, and with recessed hex-shaped sockets with which to drive them. Because they are driven with hex keys (Allen wrench) or hex socket bits, they are ideal for applications where limited clearance would not allow the use of wrenches and sockets. In addition, the driving surface is protected from external damage and provides six sides of contact surface for added torque.

  • Set Screws, Cup Point

    Set Screws are essentially a headless bolt, which has a hex socket in the driving end. They are commonly used when a protruding head would be in the way of other moving parts. Their most common function is to secure two parts together, but without a pre-determined positioning point between them. A prime example is fixing a pulley wheel along a drive shaft, where the set screw in the wheel’s hub is tightened into the side of the drive shaft and holds them tight due strictly to friction.

    Set screws are available either as a black hard steel alloy, or as stainless steel.
    Because of its headless shape, and how it bores through its hole, a set screw is also known as a “grub screw”.