Product Tag - Pipes

  • 2-Hole Pipe Strap, Short Modified

    Two-hole straps are designed to securely fasten metal conduit or pipe to a wall, wood beam, ceiling, or other surface. 

  • Concrete Forms, Econ-O-Sleeve

    Econ-O-Sleeve Hole Forms consistently form round, smooth, uniform holes and are available in a broad range of diameters. They may be cut, stacked, or telescoped for any slab thickness.
    Form holes, don’t drill em!
    Econ-O-Sleeve forms come in a variety of diameters, and adjust for any slab thickness by stacking two or more together.

  • Caddy Stand-Off Strap, 2-Hole for Conduit

    Two-hole stand-off straps are used for mounting CPVC pipe to a wall, ceiling, or other surface. They eliminate the need for wood blocks under the pipe. They position the pipe 1-1/2″ off the surface.

  • Caddy Two-Hole Strap for CPVC Pipe

    Caddy 2-Hole Strap helps with the installation of CPVC pipe on wood, masonry or other surface when extra load bearing is needed. Its curved shape positively snaps onto the pipe, making installation easier. For indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Caddy 1-Hole Strap for Conduit

    The CPVC One Hole Wrap Around Pipe Strap is designed to support pipe running horizontally on side of a beam, or as a guide to mount CPVC pipe running perpendicular across the top of a beam, or on a vertical run. Model 1070 may be installed onto wood using supplied fastener, or into minimum 20 gauge steel using one 1/4″ x 1 tek screw.