Product Tag - Pegatanke

  • Pegatanke Cold-Welding Epoxy, White

    PEGATANKE White is a high quality epoxy adhesive, designed to provide esthetic finishing touches. As it can dry underwater, it is an ideal glue for repairing boats and refrigerators. This adhesive resists demanding physical and chemical conditions in industrial, automotive, naval, electrical, construction repairs, among others. Moreover, it is fully functional in home repairs; withstanding high temperatures, tension and corrosive effects of chemicals and solvents.

    • Refrigerators
    • Ships
    • Windows
  • Pegatanke Cold-Welding Epoxy, Steel, Grey

    It is a two-component epoxy glue developed to be used as adhesive or anchor mortar between different materials. Pegatanke Steel offers longer life span for jobs subjected to extreme temperature and stress resistance conditions. Ideal for industry and heavy duty. Fully functional dry and

  • Pegatanke Cold-Welding Epoxy, Clear

    PEGETANKE® Transparent, is a high quality epoxy adhesive, designed for those jobs where no traces of adhesive use should be left, giving a more esthetic finish. PEGETANKE® Transparent is the only one in its kind with high resistance to tension and high temperatures.

    • Goggles
    • Headlights
    • Translucent materials
    • Glass
  • Pegatanke Cold-Welding Epoxy, Black

    It is a high quality epoxy glue, developed to withstand the most demanding physical and chemical conditions. Used in industrial, automotive, naval, electrical and construction repairs; as well as in the simplest home repairs, thanks to its high resistance to extreme temperatures and voltage.

    • Petrol tanks
    • Water tanks
    • Radiators
    • Car repairs