Product Tag - Multiple Outlets

  • Triple Tap Power Block

    This triple tap power block converts a standard grounded outlet into 3 grounded outlets. It can be used on any wall-mounted outlet, or a 12/3 or larger gauge extension cord.
    Also available as a 24″ extension cord for times the power block won’t fit in a receptacle.

  • Extension Cords, 12 Gauge

    Southwire’s 12/3 Extension Cord with lighted ends is perfect for the toughest jobsites! Its heavy-duty SJTW jacket is weather-resistant and rated for outdoor use. Lighted receptacles on both ends show when power is on.
    Several styles and lengths are available. The standard single-outlet cord comes in 100′, 50′, 25′, and 2′. There is also a triple-outlet 100′ cord, and a 2′ cord with GFCI protection for wetter working conditions.