Product Tag - Hurricane

  • Wing Nuts

    Wing nuts are a type of specialty nut with a pair of wings to enable it to tighten without tools. The wings provide a grip for the thumb and finger for turning. They are commonly used where frequent adjustments or removals are needed, and can be made quickly at a later stage.
    An alternative form of the wing nut has a washer built in, and is used to storm-proof the windows of a building. This washer face allows the wing nut to be used to secure plywood onto fixed anchors, where the hole in the plywood will be larger than the anchor studs it and the wing nut are being mounted on. This provides the advantage of having a larger surface bearing the pressure, while also eliminating the need of a separate washer that will often fall and get lost during storm-prep installation.

  • Pro-Tect System for Pool Enclosures

    PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System consists of a nylon sleeve and a cap that, together, cover and protect the anchor screw. The PRO-TECT nylon sleeve gives protection from electrolysis, providing worry-free installation while extending the life of the product. This is very important for the harsh conditions of the coastal environments and extreme temperatures.
    The PRO-TECT cap snaps onto the top of the nylon sleeve, covering the head of the Blue-Tap anchor screw. Due to its special design, the cap will not come off easily. Caps are available in White and Bronze.
    By repelling water and preventing penetration, PRO-TECT reduces or eliminates the need for warranty work, increasing life expectancy of the structures.

  • PanelMate Quick Kit

    This kit contains all of the hardware you need to get started making your home hurricane-resistant. There are 40 PanelMate anchors, along with the bit and driver to properly set them. There are also 40 washers and wing nuts to secure the storm panels to the anchors.

  • Aluminum Key Hole Washer

    Aluminum key-hole washers are commonly used with combo truss machine screws and sidewalk bolts. They are used as an additional backing plate when storm panels keyways do not line up correctly. They are also often used to provide additional backing when sidewalk bolts have been changed out to truss head screws. They can be placed on after panels are installed.

  • F-Track Bolts

    The square head of these F-Track Bolts fits perfectly into all flat and angled storm panel F-Track.

  • Sidewalk Bolt, Stainless Steel

    Also known as shutter screws, the ultra-wide truss head distributes the load over a large area for excellent holding pressure when placing plywood, metal, and fabric hurricane panels or removable track. Made of 18-8 stainless steel, these screws are chemical resistant and may be mildly magnetic.

  • PAM #8 X 2-1/2″ Roof Tile Screws

    Stainless steel tile roofing screws for use with the PAM auto-feed screw system. These screws are #8 x 2-1/2″ and used for attaching roof tile to wood. The type 17 point improves penetration of tile.
    Meets Miami-Dade County, FL Protocol PA 114-95, Appendix E, Section 2 (ASTM G85). Box of 1,000 screws.