Product Tag - Harness

  • Squid Traps, Large

    Perfect retrofit tool attachments for small hand tools to help reduce the risk of dropped objects and increase workplace safety. Connection points for tool lanyards can be tricky to find, especially on smaller hand tools like screw drivers and hex keys (Allen wrenches). Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard.

  • Ergodyne Tool Lanyard

    Safety of tools and equipment at heights involves the organization and securing of these objects, whether in use or not. Hard hats and steel toes help reduce the damage but in the hierarchy of controls one wants to eliminate the hazard all together if it’s a possibility.

    Bright Lime color for visibilty. 10 pound capacity.

  • X-Large Full Body Harness

    Harness offers a vibrant Hi-Viz orange webbing that is durable and lightweight. Offers enhanced adjustability, improved comfort and increased worksite safety. ANSI Z359.11 compliant with maximum capacity of 400 lbs. Back D-ring pad is non-slip allowing D-ring to stay in position. Self-contained label pack minimzes damage and loss. Pull-free lanyard rings attach lanyard when not in use to minimize tripping hazards. Oversized ID tags for quick and easy size identification. Universal size fits

  • Body Harness Tether

    A 1″ polyester web positioning lanyard, 6′ in length, and has a double-action snap hook on each end. 2 snap hooks. 310 lbs (140.61 kg). Meets OSHA 1926.502 – ANSI Z359.13 – ANSI A10.32.

  • Body Harness, Roofer’s Kit

    Werner roofing kits contain all of the fall protection products necessary at a jobsite for safe working and code compliance for roofing applications. The system is easy to install and use on a variety of roof pitches. Kit includes a Litefit harness with pass-through buckle leg straps, reusable roof anchor, 30ft poly-dac rope, and a manual rope grab with an integrated 3ft shock absorbing lanyard, packaged in a waterproof bucket.

  • Safety Body Harness Kit

    The SafeWaze V-Line FS126-E fall protection compliance kit includes a pass through leg harness and single leg lanyard packaged in a convenient zip up carry bag.

  • SGBHL Harness

    Full Body Harness

    Full Body Harness Universal and XS size SafeLight 10950 Full Body Harnesses are designed for users with a maximum capacity up to 310 pounds (141 kg) including clothing, tools, etc. All components of the SafeLight 10950 Full Body Harness meet the ANSI Z359.1-2007 standard and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.66 and 1926.502 requirements.