Product Tag - Greenlee

  • Greenlee CM-450 Digital Clamp-on Meter

    The Greenlee CM-450 Digital Clamp-on Meter is a hand-held testing device capable of measuring up to 600 amps of alternating current, in addition to measuring AC or DC voltage, frequency, and resistance. It also checks diodes and verifies continuity. The CM-450 is a true RMS-reading meter.

  • Greenlee 6″ Keyhole Saw

    The Greenlee 6″ Keyhole Saw has an integrated blade and handle design, which provides maximum strength. The pointed tip easily punches through drywall to start, and the hardened steel blade with clog-free teeth finish the job quickly and cleanly. The tooth design also ensures the blade cuts on both push and pull strokes.

  • Greenlee 0453-14C Screw-Holding Screwdriver

    The Greenlee Screw-Holding Screwdriver is the industry’s finest screw-holding device, and is available in either Phillips or Slotted styles.
    It has a precision tip for accurate fastener fit, and easily holds screws in place for those hard-to-reach places.

  • Greenlee 21Pc Journeyman’s Tool Kit – Metric

    Perfect kit for the journeyman electrician. Contains all of the basic tools needed to start.

  • Greenlee TG-1000 Infrared Thermometer

    The Greenlee TG-1000 infrared thermometer allows for safe, non-contact temperatre measurment on a wide variety of surfaces.
    A laser spot indicator shows the approximate center of the target measurement area. It is adjustable for optimum temperature reading accuracy on a wide range of materials and surfaces. The temperature display can be in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • Greenlee 2113AA Draw Stud

    The Greenlee 2113AA Draw Stud is a replacement draw stud for hydraulic drivers. Designed for use with ram and foot pump kits.

  • Greenlee 1430AV 2-1/2″ Conduit Die

    This Greenlee 1430AV die is a replacement 2-1/2″ Conduit Size Die for all tools that use one. Alignment markings improve punching accuracy and productivity when making holes. Punches and dies are marked with catalog numbers and sizes for quick part identification.