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  • SGGCP2.5 2.5 Gal Red Poly Gas CanSGGCP5 5 Gal Red Poly Gas Can

    JustRite Safety Cans, Plastic

    Constructed of high-density polyethylene to stand up to tough acids and corrosives, as well as heat, cans are dent, puncture, and chip resistant. The self-closing cap, pressure-relief mechanism and flame arrester work together to prevent ignition sources from entering, without restricting liquid flow in or out of the can. All cans feature stainless steel hardware and flame arrester for superior chemical resistance. FM approved.

    Carbon Insert – A patented conductive current-carrying carbon insert is embedded into the rib of containers, completing a ground path between the cover assembly and the flame arrester. When used with a grounding strip, this provides proper grounding and prevents the creation of a static arc during filling or pouring.

  • SGGC2 Gas Can 2 Gal SafetySGGC2.5 Gas Can 2.5 Gal Safety

    JustRite Safety Cans, Metal

    JustRite brand of fully compliant metal safety cans feature a high performance, chemical resistant stainless steel flame arrester that stops flashback ignition, provides faster liquid flow and offers exceptional durability and corrosion protection for long life. This extra long precision mesh screen is a full 3-1/2″ to ensure safe insertion of gas nozzle with metal to metal contact eliminating the potential of a spark and possible explosion. Self closing lid controls vapors and spills and unique counterbalanced, ergonomic design makes it easy to use. 100% leak tested. 10-year warranty. Meets OSHA and NFPA, FM, UL/ULC listed.

    Available in Red for gasoline, Yellow for diesel fuel, and Blue for other liquids. Replacement funnel is also available.