Product Tag - Flashing

  • Dek-Cap Universal End Cap Flashing

    Dec-Cap’s universal design allows use on left and right handed seams. Its flexible, corrosion resistant aluminum base conforms to the majority of standing seam roof panels, and its pre-formed panel profile shape is designed to reduce installation time. To ensure accurate installation, the proper fastening locations are clearly indicated. Dual underside ridges provide maximum sealing protection, and thermal elastomer material provides excellent resistance to ozone, ultra-violet light and extreme temperatures, from -40°F to +250°F. An expansion notch provides added installation flexibility, and the  interior panel stop ensures correct installation position.

  • DekTite Pipe Flashing System

    DekTite pipe flashings are made of long life, flexible, weatherproof gray EPDM rubber that will not crack or break. A flexible, corrosion resistant aluminum base conforms to any panel configuration. Pipe diameter markings are clearly indicated for accurate fitting on pipes from 1/4″ to 18″ diameter.
    The Retrofit version has a mechanical joiner seam, and fits around existing continuous pipe, rather than sliding over. It can also simply be used for taller pipes if needed.
    One piece construction is easy to install and pleated the cone adjusts to any roof pitch, allowing for complete flexibility.