Product Tag - Degreaser

  • Quick Clean Degreaser, 20 Oz.

    A high delivery, fast-drying, industrial strength solvent for cleaning and degreasing. Removes grease, oil, wax, adhesives and other contaminants without leaving a residue. High-pressure spray action combined with unique wetting action, penetrates and degreases in inaccessible cracks and crevices. 

    This product reduces failures and helps to increase equipment life by eliminating faulty operation of dirty moving parts. Non-corrosive, non-conductive formula that displaces moisture. High dielectric strength of 33 kV. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Although flammable, they are safe to use in non-heat electrical exposure. Does not require water wash-off.

    Uses: Use on motors, tools, machinery, metal parts, mechanical equipment, air conditioners, aircraft parts, automotive parts, bearings, cycle chains, packaging machinery, compressors, generators, portable tools, office machinery, pumps, mechanical brakes and clutches, relays, sporting equipment and solenoids.

  • Citrus Degreaser Aerosol

    Off-Line Citrus Cleaner is a non-chlorinated solvent cleaner that acts quickly, but stays on the surface long enough to dissolve dirt and grease. This cleaner uses a blend of citrus oil derived solvents and highly refined naphthas to provide the very best in heavy duty cleaning.

    This non-chlorinated product rinses off grease and grime easily, and will not leave behind a solvent film or residue. 

    –Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.–