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  • Makita Outdoor Adventure 21 Quart Cooler, 18V LXT

    The 18V X2 LXT® Cooler/Warmer Box is ideal for use on the job site or on the road. The cooler has four cooling modes capable of holding constant temperatures of 15°F, 30°F, 40°F, and 50°F, while also having two warming modes capable of 130°F and 140°F. It operates using one 18V LXT® battery, and can also operate from a 12V/24V vehicle plug, or corded AC power. There is a large, easy-to-read LED display that allows you to check the temperature and remaining battery time. For added convenience, it has a USB charging port to provide power to common devices like phones and tablets.

    Get outside with Outdoor Adventure, a new series of cordless products that operate within the LXT® system. Outdoor Adventure Products feature advanced technology, delivering maximum performance and efficiency for the outdoors. Makita offers hundreds of products within the 18V LXT® system so you can create your own adventure.

  • Makita 21 Quart Cooler/Warmer w/USB, 18V LXT

    The Makita CW180 is a cordless cooler & warmer box. For maximum convenience, it can be powered by 3 power source options: 18V LXT Li-Ion battery (two in parallel or one), 12V/24V DC (cigar socket) or standard 120V AC supply.

    5 Cooling Modes (0,15,30,40,50 °F)
    2 Warming Modes (130, 140 °F)

    Run Time 2x 6.0Ah
    5 hours at 0° F (-18 °C )
    17 hours at 40° F (5 °C )
    4 hours at 140° F (60 °C )