Product Tag - Cable

  • Swage Tool, Hand Held

    This swage tool can be used for cables or wire rope of 1/16″, 1/8″, 5/32″, or 3/16″.

  • Screw Pin Chain Shackle Drop Forged, HDG

    Also commonly called a D-shackle due to its “D” shape, screw pin chain shackles are intended for use in straight line pulls or lifts only. Side and racking loads run the risk of twisting or bending a chain shackle.

    These galvanized chain shackles are excellent for use with single leg web lifting slings such as nylon slings and polyester slings. When paired with chain, they provide a connecting link to connect to other hardware. It’s important to note that they should be used only with single leg slings, as slings with multiple legs could cause side loading conditions. The zinc oxide coating provides protection against typical corrosion and rust.

  • Wire Rope Clip 316 Stainless

    A wire rope clip, sometimes called a clamp, is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It consists of a U-shaped bolt, a forged saddle, and two nuts.

  • Eye to Hook Turnbuckle, Zinc

    These turnbuckles are used to create tension in cables, ropes and chains by turning the body of the buckle to take up slack. Used with rope, twine, cables and like items in tensioning systems. Suitable for marine, outdoor or general applications.

  • Eye to Hook Turnbuckle, Forged, HDG

    Our Hook Eye Turnbuckles are made with quality in mind. Our heavy duty turnbuckles are made with a 5:1 safety rating with a 2:1 proof load test and made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel turnbuckles have a thick galvanized coating (zinc) which gives the turn buckle added resistant properties. For the ultimate resistance to corrosives, try our stainless steel turnbuckles and other stainless steel hardware. With a hook that has a weaker break strength than an eye or jaw, the assembly has a weaker overall strength than a jaw jaw turnbuckle or eye eye turnbuckle. The hook simply allows for a faster connection of the rigging hardware.

  • Eye to Eye Turnbuckle, Drop Forged, Stainless

    Eye and Eye Turnbuckles are drop forged for added strength compared to a machined or precision cast turnbuckle. The drop forged process adds strength while the Type 316 stainless steel offers the highest level of corrosion protection. The turnbuckle eyes are elongated, similar to the Galvanized Eye and Eye Turnbuckle, for less stress on the eye and for easier attachment of other hardware. Our eye turnbuckles are US type and meet dimensions of ASTM specification F1145-92 Type 1, Class H.

  • Eye to Eye Turnbuckle, HDG

    Eye to Eye Turnbuckles are one of the most common steel turn buckles.  Made of galvanized steel, these turnbuckles are formed to withstand the nastiest of corrosive environments. Our eye to eye turnbuckles have elongated eyes on each end for less stress on the eye and for easier connection of other rigging hardware.  The body of the turnbuckle features a reverse thread on each end to allow for tightening/loosening by simply turning the body of the turn buckle.  Meant for straight line pulls only, galvanized steel turnbuckles are a popular choice among the rigging industry and our heavy duty turnbuckles are made to impress.  Coming in a variety of sizes from small turnbuckles to large turnbuckles, these eye & eye turnbuckles meet or exceed the performance requirements of ASTM F – 1145 (formerly Federal Specification FF-T-791).

  • 1/4″ Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, HDG

    Screw Pin Anchor/Chain Shackles allow quick and easy removal of the screw pin and can be useful in applications where the shackle is frequently removed, but not so much in applications where the pin is subject to torque or twisting.

  • Rize Zip-Clip w/10 Ft Looped Cable, for Installation of Unistrut

    The new Zip-Clip cable lock allows for installation of unistrut and cable trays. the ZipClip has a load capacity of 220lbs.

  • Rize RWC4 X 15 Ft Single Loop Cable Kit, w/ KL150 KWIK-LOC

    The Rize Looped Cable enhances the Kwik-Loc suspension system by the addition of a pre-looped cable end. Once the wire rope is pulled around the anchor point and through the looped end of the cable, it is already secured at one end, saving time at the job site. The remaining wire rope “drop” is passed through a channel in the Rize Kwik-Loc. Then, the wire rope is either wrapped around the equipment or inserted through a fastening point and back up into the second channel of the same cable lock. The locking teeth inside the cable lock engage the wire rope which secures the equipment in place.

  • Rize WC3 Galvanized Wire Rope /Cable, 500 Ft Spool

    Galvanized steel cable supplied by Rize Enterprises is manufactured to exact standards and tested to verify the breaking strength. To ensure the safety and integrity of the hanging system, use only cable supplied by Rize Enterprises with Rize cable locks.

  • Rize WC2 Cable 60″ X 18″ Y-Toggle Kit

    A toggle hanger is used for hanging fluorescent lights fixutres and other lighting applications. Diffenent lengths are available with WC2 cable. Available shapes are Y and V, as well as single strand.