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Lee Builders Care Project

Lee Builders Care

Thread Source is committed to giving back and helping our community. That is why we have chosen to work once again with Lee Builders Care and several other local community partners to give back.

This time we worked with a group of hard working volunteers, donors and supporters of Builders Care to complete construction of a wheelchair ramp making life a little easier for a North Fort Myers Army veteran.

We couldn’t do these amazing projects without the help of our community. We love to support the team at Builders Care.

Here’s a link to read about the family we’ve helped and photos from the project:

The crew who helped on this project:

  • Jimmy Rodgers with West Coast Structural Concrete and Masonry and his employees for helping with material take offs and project layout and set up.8
  • The entire team at Nilles Design Group (Annette, Mike and Michael) for wonderful plan design and advice, as well as lots of support with volunteers, sweat equity and leadership for the 3-day construction.
  • Michael Parker with Beattie Development and the support of Paul Beattie for allowing Michael to join us during the busy work week.
  • The guys from Ferguson for always helping out! We enjoy having Dan, Juan and Ryan on many of our ramp builds. Thanks guys!
  • Angie at Grabber Construction Products for continuing to supply us with tools and hardware to complete these projects at no cost.
  • Troy at Thread Source for getting back involved with our projects and donating hardware for this project.
  • Honc Dumpsters, Garden Street Portables and Raymond Building Supply for helping with supplies and materials to orchestrate these projects.

Letter From the Recipients

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