Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL – I would like to recommend a wonderful company that I was referred to when I was having problems anchoring a step rail to my home. They are the Thread Source. In December I was having problems anchoring a rail into my cement slap using products from Lowes, Home Depot and Ace.

I went to Thread Source and explained my problem and they recommended using a commercial grade anchor. After making a selection from their inventory and on their recommendation that I needed a certain size anchor, the man behind the counter said you also need this drill bit. I reach for my wallet to pay and he said that’s on us, (he must or heard the frustration in my voice). Then he asked where I lived and invited me back to join them in a barbecue they where having to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank.  Several months later I returned to the store to thank them for being so generous.
I returned again to their store while I was preparing for Hurricane Irma and made another selection of supplies and  anchors to tie down my patio’s and carport and other items, And again they would not let me pay.
When we returned to Citrus Park after spending two weeks on the road. We found our home and other items mostly undamaged (one broken window, car ruined and golf cart disabled) no flying carports or other anything else. I believe that with their help and generosity that is one of the reasons why we had little damage.
As we rebuild they have my recommendation. By supporting them we are supporting the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Who is presently supporting Citrus Park, our neighbors and other communities.
By the way I am going back very soon to thank them again. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery from this disaster. Be careful out there.
Ron Libby – Resident at Citrus Park in Bonita Springs FL

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