Gasket, Ring, Red Rubber

These gaskets are comprised of red rubber, a copolymer of Styrene and Butadiene, also known as SBR. It feature excellent impact and tensile strength, good resistance to abrasion and easily conforms to uneven flange surfaces.
This Synthetic material was developed as an alternative to Natural Rubber. The red rubber gaskets are recommended for service in cold and hot water, air, steam,and some weak acids. It should not be used with strong acids, oils, grease, and chlorates

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1/8 x 2-1/2″, 1/8 x 3″, 1/8 x 4″, 1/8 x 5″, 1/8 x 6″, 1/8 x 8″

When it comes to sealing flanges, whether raised or flat face flanges, there are two type of gasket shapes - ring gaskets and full face gaskets. Ring Gaskets are positioned inside of the flange holts and around the pipe bore. They can also be used within a raised face design, where it sits on the raised surface. Ring Gaskets reuqire less material and less cutting and can be installed without completely dissembling the joint. The disadvantage is the gasket can be harder to align and clamp.
Since red rubber exhibits good physical properties, it is an economical gasket material. Red Rubber gaskets are most commonly used within applications dealing with cold and/or hot water.

  • Cold or Hot Water
  • Air, pressurized air
  • Mild or Weak Acids


  • Strong Acids or Chlorates
  • Oils or Greases
  • Hydrocarbons and Ozone