Post Bases for 1-5/8″ Strut

Post Bases for 1-5/8″ Strut

These three models of a post base provide a secure mounting point for strut. Once properly bolted in place, it is guaranteed not to move. And with six bolt holes on three sides for all models, the strut will be held in place with no chance of slipping out.
Options include having a square base plate, held in place with four bolts (10 hole models), or a smaller rectangular base held down by two bolts (8 hole model). In addition, the 10 hole model can have the strut and plate square to each other, or having the plate at a 45° angle. These various configurations are meant to accommodate your specific needs.

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Base Style

Square, 45°, Square, Straight, Rectangular

The post base provides a secure mounting point for strut. 
With bolts secured in the four holes at the corners of either square plate, they will provide the support and stability needed at the end of a rack assembly. They would also provide the extra stability for any internal point that may require it.
The smaller rectangular pattern of the two-bolt piece is perfect for the middle posts of an extended shelf assembly. The upright is held firmly in place, and there is no hindrance of moving inventory or pallets in and out from the spaces on either side.
Lastly, the six bolt holes on three sides provide options on how to build out any assembly. Each base will hold a strut securely in place, in one of three directions.