CMT ITK XTREME 7-1/4″ X 56T Saw Blade for Aluminum

This ITK XTREME saw blade is designed for non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum or brass, fiberglass, plastic, laminate, and composite wood material. CMT has included several features that elevate this line above the ordinary saw blade. A chrome coating not only protects against corrosion, but also reduces residue build-up which enables the blade to spin with less effort and put more power into cutting.

The carbide tips are brazed to the saw teeth with a Tri-Metal of silver-copper-silver, which provides a very solid connection, and allows the teeth to handle high stress and impact especially when cutting non-ferrous metals, harder woods, and composite material. The blade body has several laser cut slots that reduce noise and vibrationx

This 7-1/4″ saw blade is optimized for hand-held circular saws, of course. It is narrower than the larger blades, so less material has to be removed and therefor requiring less energy. The central bore is 5/8″ standard, or can be converted to a diamond arbor hole for worm drive saws.

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Protects the tool from corrosion, rust, and resin/residue build-up.
Extends tool life dramatically. Absorbed power by the motor is significantly reduced so the tool moves smoothly throughout cutting operation.
Tool maintenance is fast and easy.
Surface hardness: 380-400 Vickers.
Special Silver-Copper-Silver Tri-Metal Brazing allows teeth to handle high stress and impact especially when cutting harder woods and composite material.