Eagle Bow Rake w/Wooden Handle

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Expert Gardener 14-Tine Bow Rake with Wood Handle
Make clean-up a breeze in your garden and yard with this 14-Tine Bow Rake with Wood Handle. It is a versatile tool for de-thatching grass, pulling weeds, turning the soil, raking gravel or sand, spreading mulch, raking hedge trimmings and a variety of other yard care tasks. The garden bow rake has 14 tines that allow for wide coverage. The wood handle is 48" long, allowing you to reach into tight spaces with ease. The welded head of the rake will withstand some of the toughest tasks in your yard and garden year-round. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a weekend garden enthusiast, this item can be a useful addition to your kit.

  • 14 Tine Bow Rake with Wood Handle:
  • Welded 14 tine head
  • 48" wood handle
  • Garden rake