Crown 93% Zinc Galvanize Coating, 16 Oz.

Crown 93% Zinc Galvanize Coating, 16 Oz.

Crown's premium Cold Galvanize Coating 93% Zinc Rich provides corrosion protection to ferrous metal surfaces; first as  longlived coating of practically pure Zinc comparable to that obtained by galvanization and second, through sacrificial anodization. Both aerosol and bulk use metallic zinc dust that is 97% pure, which leaves 93% zinc in the dry film. The zinc fuses to metal substrates for protection equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing. This protection becomes effective when the surface is scratched, broken, or corrupted. With the presence of moisture the Zinc coating will corrode while continuing to protect the metal it covers.

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Leader in the industry in corrosion prevention.  Can be easily sprayed, brushed, or dipped onto any metal surface.  Its zinc-rich formula is designed for permanent protection.

  • 93% pure zinc in dry film
  • Meets performance requirements of MIL-P-46105(MR), MIL-P-21035B, and DOD-P-21035A
  • Withstands 2000 hours of 5% salt spray testing (ASTM B-117)
  • Light gray, matte finish
  • Zinc sacrifices itself to protect the base metal surface
  • Provides protection equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Outstanding weld-through primer

Applications:  industrial type applications such as aviation, marine, manufacturing, etc.