CMT ITK XTREME 12″ X 60T Saw Blade, Combination Style

This ITK XTREME saw blade is designed for general purpose use. It will make excellent rip cuts and cross cuts. CMT has included several features that elevate this line above the ordinary saw blade. A chrome coating not only protects against corrosion, but also reduces residue build-up which enables the blade to spin with less effort and put more power into cutting.

The carbide tips are brazed to the saw teeth with a Tri-Metal of silver-copper-silver, which provides a very solid connection, and allows the teeth to handle high stress and impact especially when cutting harder woods and composite material. The blade body has several laser cut slots that reduce noise and vibration.

This 12″ saw blade is designed for use in table saws, miter saws and slide miter saws. The combination tooth pattern allows for either fine rip cuts, or faster cross cuts, with fast chip removal. It has a full kerf, which provides greater strength and stability to ensure a clean cut. The central bore is 1″ standard.

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Protects the tool from corrosion, rust, and resin/residue build-up.
Extends tool life dramatically. Absorbed power by the motor is significantly reduced so the tool moves smoothly throughout cutting operation.
Tool maintenance is fast and easy.
Surface hardness: 380-400 Vickers.
Special Silver-Copper-Silver Tri-Metal Brazing allows teeth to handle high stress and impact especially when cutting harder woods and composite material.