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We are the exclusive distributor of HVAC GRILL BUDDY


The HVAC Grill Buddy is designed to hold your filter media or our Air Filtration Plate (when properly fitted) to help ensure no dust contaminants are let into the ductwork through the ACT Grills during construction.


  • No tools needed
  • Save time
  • No more tape
  • Reduce Monitoring
  • Professional and reusable
  • No falling filters


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Frame Perfect Combo

Pair our air filtration plate with our HVAC Grill Buddy frame to completely seal off vents to help protect against air contaminants reaching the ventilation system. Eliminate infectious and errant dust particles reaching adjacent workspaces and patient rooms through the duct work systems.

Your solution to Facility Dust Management

Clips Signature Clips

Our easy to use patented clips can be universally used on all 24"x24" acoustical ceilings. Saving you time and money by not having to hassle with complicated installations. Designed to hold your filter media


Dust Infection Control

The HVAC Grill Buddy protects against dust contaminants in the ductwork and adjacent rooms. Good for implementing top notch infection control procedures. Implement the HVAC Grill Buddy into your facilities for your infection control monitor and for your infection control policies and procedures

Save Time & Stay Safe

No more struggling with tapping filters or plastics to ceilings. Our HVAC Grill Buddy can be installed over a vent in under 90 seconds! Save Time for the things that matter.

HVAC Grill Buddy

HVAC Grill Buddy

HVAC Grill Buddy

HVAC Grill Buddy frame

HVAC Grill Buddy

HVAC Grill Buddy with Signature Clips

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