L9 Fastening System

L9 Fastening System

The L9 Fastening System from BBI has 9 engineering features that make it the worlds strongest and safest fastening system for the world’s toughest industry.

  1. Collared L9 prevailing torque meta locknut for assemblies subject to vibration.
  2. Thicker than standard nut side walls facilitate wrenching. Heat treating helps prevent splitting and stripping.
  3. Chamfers eliminate corner drag.
  4. Smooth washer bearing surfaces distribute loads uniformly and eliminate brinneling.
  5. UNR radiused root bolt thread increases fatigue resistance by reducing the notch effect of conventional UN threads.
  6. Countersunk washer ID centers the washer against the bolt head bearing surface during tightening.
  7. Radius under bolt head adds strength.
  8. Washer face eliminates corner drag.
  9. Thicker than standard bolt head adds wrenching surface.

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