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  • Johnson Electronic Self Leveling Horizontal Exterior Rotary Laser Kit

    Designed for outdoor use and simple set up, Electronic self-leveling in the horizontal plane, Electronically-controlled dual slope feature, Visual and audible alarms when beyond leveling range, Single speed rotation 700 RPM, Slope operation function allows user to perform slope 8 degrees in both x and y axis, Height of Instrument (HI) alarm function ensures laser accuracy, Remote control and detector for one person operation, Height of Instrument/Tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy, 40-6535 Kit Includes > Laser, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 6V battery adapter, remote control with 9V battery, detector with 9V battery and clamp, instruction manual with warranty card, hard-shell carrying case

  • Johnson 24″ Ip 65 Waterproof Electronic Digital Level

    IP 65 dust and waterproof, Extremely accurate with .05 degree at 0 degrees and 90 degrees and quick horizontal and vertical calibration, Angle inclination in 5 construction languages – units of measure (degrees, percent, in/ft (fractional), in/ft (decimal), mm/m, Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements and working range on angle measurement is 4 x 90 degrees, Reference function making any slope “0.0” and hold function locks measurement on the LCD, SurroundView┬« vials reflect ambient light for easy-read, 1880-2400 Includes > Digital level, instruction manual and soft-sided pouch, Models : 1880-2400 24″ Digital Level, 1880-4800 48″ Digital Level

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    Johnson Ultra Levels

    The Johnson Ultra Level is the world's Most Accurate Level: .0.3mm/m (40% more accurate), durable impact resistant acrylic and a Lifetime guarantee. Available in 4 sizes (24″, 48″, 72″ and 96″).

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