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  • Johnson 130 Ft Laser Distance Measure

    Easy as 1-2-3: Turn on – press measure button – record measurement, Efficient one person measurements, Compact size fits easily in tool belt or pocket, High speed micro processor calculates quickly, Ideal for material and project estimating/bidding, Accurate to +/-1/16″/130', 40-6004 Includes > Laser distance measure, 2 “AA” alkaline batteries, instruction manual with warranty card

  • Johnson 165 Ft Laser Distance Measure

    The 40-6001 is accurate to 1/16th of an inch over a distance of 165 feet. Features include a patented sound activated measuring mode; 10 measurement memory; indirect (Pythagoras) measurement capability for length and height; and single distance, area (square) and volume (cube) measurements, all with a large backlit LCD screen and a compact size. Designed to work indoors and outdoors, the new Laser Distance Measure is ideal for carpenters, framers, flooring, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, appraisers, painters and MRO.

    Count down timer, High speed micro processor calculates quickly, Ideal for material and project estimating/bidding, Stores 20 individual measurements sequentially, Accurate to +/-1/16″165'. Use with a tripod for precise measurements, 40-6001 Includes > Laser distance measure, soft-sided pouch, safety strap, 2 “AA” alkaline batteries and instruction manual with warranty card

  • Johnson Electronic Self Leveling Horizontal Exterior Rotary Laser Kit

    Designed for outdoor use and simple set up, Electronic self-leveling in the horizontal plane, Electronically-controlled dual slope feature, Visual and audible alarms when beyond leveling range, Single speed rotation 700 RPM, Slope operation function allows user to perform slope 8 degrees in both x and y axis, Height of Instrument (HI) alarm function ensures laser accuracy, Remote control and detector for one person operation, Height of Instrument/Tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy, 40-6535 Kit Includes > Laser, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 6V battery adapter, remote control with 9V battery, detector with 9V battery and clamp, instruction manual with warranty card, hard-shell carrying case

  • Johnson 24″ Ip 65 Waterproof Electronic Digital Level

    IP 65 dust and waterproof, Extremely accurate with .05 degree at 0 degrees and 90 degrees and quick horizontal and vertical calibration, Angle inclination in 5 construction languages – units of measure (degrees, percent, in/ft (fractional), in/ft (decimal), mm/m, Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements and working range on angle measurement is 4 x 90 degrees, Reference function making any slope “0.0” and hold function locks measurement on the LCD, SurroundView┬« vials reflect ambient light for easy-read, 1880-2400 Includes > Digital level, instruction manual and soft-sided pouch, Models : 1880-2400 24″ Digital Level, 1880-4800 48″ Digital Level

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    Johnson Ultra Levels

    The Johnson Ultra Level is the world's Most Accurate Level: .0.3mm/m (40% more accurate), durable impact resistant acrylic and a Lifetime guarantee. Available in 4 sizes (24″, 48″, 72″ and 96″).

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